Chapter three thousand and thirteen Three chapters for me?

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Chapter three thousand and thirteen Three chapters for me?
Zhao Tuo’s dumbfounded answer。
“Let’s first come to three chapters!”
The mandarin duck suddenly said ingeniously。
“Oh……it is good,You speak,I listen。”
Zhao Tuo honestly agreed,Although he has never been in love before,But he also knew that many girls would practice to their boyfriends in love“Strict control”of,Simply put, this is not allowed,Don’t do that,In short, as long as there is a threat or harm to the relationship between two people,Nothing is allowed!
So he didn’t think it was a surprise,There is no resistance or disgust。
“We can get angry and quarrel together later,But don’t swear,Let alone hit me。”
The mandarin duck said frankly……
“Oh my God,Where did you think!Why would I scold you,Beat you!”
Zhao Tuo replied dumbfounded!
“What if you get angry,When people are angry,Anything can be done!”
The mandarin duck continued to speak out his own reasoning。
“Absolutely impossible!I always think:The man who beats a woman is the least promising!The most asshole!”
Zhao Tuo tried his best to confess himself。
“Whether it is possible,Just say yes or not?”