Weight loss can’t be reduced like this


Weight loss can’t be reduced like this

Dr. Wang Chunling from the US Yibo Technology Consulting Company talked about the current status of weight loss in China and was heartbroken.

She said: “There are very few such weight loss in the country, newspapers, TV weight loss ads indiscriminately bombing, full-scale diet pills promotion big sale, white-collar beauty drinking slimming tea into fashion, weight loss surgery everywhere, simply to lose weight as a play.

“The foreign fast food and improper Chinese food are all harmful to the fate of foreign fast food. It has been known to more and more people. Some people lose weight, refuse KFC, McDonald’s food, only eat Chinese food, which is another misunderstanding.

In fact, many Chinese cooking systems have become “junk food.”

For example, there are too many oils in Sichuan cuisine, what kind of pickled fish, boiled pork, boiled beef, etc., all of which are hot oil cooked, one pot of oil and half pot of oil.

Like all kinds of soup bags, it is fat.

There are also fried vegetables, European and American countries used to cook a few drops of olive oil after cooking, and domestic oil is not fried or poured a lot of hot oil.

This oily Chinese food will keep you fat after eating.

Therefore, unscientific, unbalanced diets are easy to get fat, this is no difference between China and foreign countries.

銆€銆€To reduce weight loss, it is up to the formula to say that many people lose weight and follow the feeling.

In fact, fat is not obese, do you want to lose weight, there are standards, how can you have the final say?

銆€銆€The World Health Organization (WHO) published the body mass index (BMI) calculation formula: kilograms of body weight / height squared, when the index is 19?
25 is normal, 25?
30 is overweight and more than 30 is obese.

Due to differences in the human body between the East and the West, on the basis of this, Chinese scientists have set a higher standard for adapting to the national conditions, that is, the index is 19?
24 between normal, 24?
28 is overweight, and greater than 28 is obese.

When your body mass index is in the overweight range, as long as you are vigilant, you don’t need to lose weight; only when the index exceeds 28, you have to lose weight.

銆€銆€But this index is not absolute.

Because the human body has a “body weight point theory”: If your weight is basically the same in 10 years, or only a small change, even if the index is a little more, you can think of a healthy weight.

銆€銆€Eat diet pills to at least three conditions in almost all domestic stores, pharmacies, and even beauty salons, you can buy diet pills or weight loss health products, which is unimaginable in the United States.

In the United States, eating diet pills is a very cautious thing, there are strict procedures.

For example, doctors let you lose weight, he will set a weight loss budget and exercise plan for you, and supervise the implementation for more than 3 months.

If you lose weight through diet and exercise, you will be given a longer-term weight loss plan.

If you try to eat, after 3 months of exercise, you will not be able to lose weight. You will introduce the doctor who is taking the weight loss section and take out diet pills from the hospital to help you lose weight.

銆€銆€Americans generally do not rely solely on diet pills or health supplements to lose weight, mainly through reasonable expectations and enhanced exercise to eliminate misfortune.

Because of any diet pills or health supplements, long-term use can cause damage to the human body.

Last year, the Chinese Ministry of Health announced the results of spot checks on some weight-loss products. It was found that a small number of weight-loss products were illegally added to treat diabetes drugs such as glimepiride and dimethyl bisphenol, which harmed consumers’ health.

銆€銆€Liposuction and bariatric surgery are extreme behaviors. Many hospitals in China have set up high-cost liposuction, which is actually a bluff.

Dr. Wang was angry.

In the United States, liposuction, liposuction is not a medical weight loss tool at all, the hospital does not do temporary surgery for this complication.

Because a lot of clinical practice has proved that after shortening the temporary, the patient’s overweight will rebound, and some even double the rebound.

Therefore, it is inevitable that adults can neither eradicate obesity nor cause complications, so they are not recognized by the medical profession.

銆€銆€Similarly, the current shrinkage of stomach and truncated weight loss surgery in the country is also strictly controlled in the United States.

Unless the patient is endangered by the heart, breathing, life-threatening, and has nothing to do, it will make this “life-saving” policy.

Otherwise, this extreme surgery will not be implemented.