Fashion Partner Wu Yifan Yang Ying Pan Weibai Tokyo Opening Tide Shop Too Hard

“Fashion Partner” Wu Yifan Yang Ying Pan Weibai Tokyo Opening Tide Shop “Too Hard”
On December 5th, iQiyi made its own original trend management experience program “Trend Partners” antique movie screening, and officially filed it on December 6th.In the program, the five trend partners who thought they could easily operate were closely hit by accidents one after another. Both the stores they operated did not pay attention, and the unexpected situation such as the car broke down and the typhoon attack came one after another.”I’m so hard.””Trend Partners” poster.The picture comes from the online “Fashion Partners” collection manager Wu Yifan, and partners Yang Ying Angelababy, Pan Weibai, Zhao Jinmai, Fox, went to Tokyo, Japan to operate a limited trend collection store.The shop includes original items from Chinese designers and international cutting-edge products. The heads and partners start to change their heads-picking, displaying, marketing, etc .In order to successfully operate their own trendy store, the five trend partners who started the business model can do everything they can. They all rushed outside to attract customers, and Pan Weibai even sent business cards to pedestrians on the street to welcome the first order in the store.However, the few inexperienced people still can’t escape the contradiction of opening the store for 45 minutes, and no one is interested. Looking at the street shops early in the long queue, even Wu Yifan couldn’t help saying: “I feel a little frustrated.”Under heavy pressure, several principals who were originally friendly were also on the verge of collapsing. As soon as they came back to Wu Yifan, who instilled entrepreneurial chicken soup, Pan Weibai turned and shouted, “Don’t call me again.”Yang Ying Angelababy collapsed and blamed “I’m fired” and Zhao Lihua, Fox “We are too difficult” to echo each other, and became the true expression of the hard work of the five trend partners.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Wei Tong Na proofreading He Yan